Wednesday, September 4, 2013


One of the curriculums that we love is lapbooks.  You can find a lapbook on almost every subject you can imagine!  A lot of them are free, a lot of them aren't.  We've used lapbooks from several different companies, but have found that the most user friendly, especially for new lapbook users, are the ones from A Journey Through Learning.  We have done a number of them, including an express lapbook on cooking, one on the Christmas holidays, and one on Knights & Medieval Times.  The ladies at ATJL are wonderful - friendly and VERY helpful!  We are currently doing a 14 folder lapbook on astronomy , using the Apologia textbook Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  

Lapbooks are great teaching tools, using as few or as many supplies as you want.  You can get extremely creative and use paint, glitter, scrapbooking supplies or you can go simple & just use file folders, glue sticks & a stapler.  It is completely your choice!  Mariah has a thing about lapbooks.  She loves doing them, but she doesn't like the actual file folders.  So, instead, we put everything on copy paper, place the pages in page protectors, and then place them in a binder.  This also makes storage easier as you can have one binder for each subject - holidays, presidents, science, etc.  

AJTL has a number of express lapbooks for $1 each.  These can be done in one day and are great for filling in when you've come to the end of a unit but want to wait a couple of days before you start a new one.  We did one on cooking.  Mariah made out a menu and a grocery list.  We then went to the grocery store where she learned to compare prices and used her coupons.  She made a baked taco ring for dinner and an angel food pineapple cake for dessert.  She enjoyed it so much that we've incorporated it into our schoolwork & she does one meal a week all by herself!

Every month, they offer several $5 lapbooks.  September's lapbooks are Harvest Time  and Hurricanes.

Since we enjoy their lapbooks so much, I have become an affiliate for A Journey Through Learning.  Click on the banner here on my blog and we will both win - you get a new adventure at a sale price & I get a commission when you buy a lapbook!  Even better yet, you can join the affiliate program and earn a commission yourself on a product that you will truly come to love using.  

Right now, AJTL is having a 50% off sale on their downloadable lapbooks.  Until September 8, click on one of the links below, use code BacktoSchool at checkout & get 50% off on any instant download lapbook (except Geography Matters).  So, go browse through their website, look at all they have to offer.  If you need an idea where to start, one of their lapbooks for September is a School Year Journal.

Whatever you decide on, come back & let us know.  We can share ideas and talk about different lapbooks and how to do them.  Try something new & different today!!


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