Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Math program

Like I said earlier, Mariah seriously struggles with math.  We can do great one day and the next she has no clue how to add 2+2.  After trying workbooks, software, manipulatives, and everything else we could think of, we have finally found a system that seems to be working.

  We are concentrating on math for one month.  We break it up with reading, art, and co op classes, but the majority of our day we are immersed in math.  We have a notebook with charts and tables.  We have posters on the wall with place values and other reminders.

 And we are using A+ Interactive math software.  It is awesome!

  They have online videos and worksheets, or cds and workbooks you can order.  They have placement tests so you can see where you need to start with your child.  They even have a free one month trial period so that you can make sure it really works for you before buying it!

 The cost is minimal - downloadable version is $12 a month, $30 a quarter, or $99.99 for a full year!

I like this program so much that I became an affiliate.

Use my special discount code: KRMATTOX at checkout and receive an additional 20% off
(even of the sale prices!)

Here is a link for a great newsletter that may help you out with the math tears

Whatever you choose, good luck!  Share it here and we can help each other out with those math tears!

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