Friday, September 20, 2013

My Day at the Co Op

Wednesday was the best day at home school co op because I did six things for art,  make that seven things at the home school co op.  As you can tell by the photos its great.  I think you will like them and if you do just post on my blog.

This is a Missouri map that I made in home school co op on this last Wednesday.  This was for my Travelling the USA class.  We made the map by ourselves.  We're learning about Missouri and about the Mississippi & Missouri rivers.

This is a tornado that I made at home school co op last Wednesday in my Natural Disasters class.

This is the turkey story I wrote in Listening to Fall.

This is my recipe box that I made in my Yummy Yummy Turtles class.  We made 2 different kinds of turtle candies.  The first was a pretzel with a Rolo candy melted on top of it and a pecan on top of that.  The second was pecans with caramel and chocolate melted on top.  They were both really good and Mom says that we can make some for Christmas gifts.

This is my pumpkin story that I also wrote in my Listening to Fall class.

I like my co op classes a lot because I learn a lot.  They have interesting classes and I get to meet other kids.  Do you guys like going to co ops?

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