Thursday, September 5, 2013


Over the last 3 years, I have struggled and struggled with finding just the right day planner. I've tried pocket calendars, notebooks, the expensive kind that you refill the calendar every month. I've even tried electronic ones on my Nook! I didn't like any of them. All of them only addressed a part of what I needed to plan. Until I came across the Well Planned Day planners. They are awesome! Everything you need is right there. And, it not only comes in a paper version, but an electronic version as well!! And, it's great not just for planning your days, but also for homeschooling. I was able to plan out our days, incorporating Mariah's schoolwork, chores, my own work, and still see that we had time for fun stuff!  

This planner not only has calendar pages with lots of room to write, but lots more too! It has a page to write your favorite family memories for the year. 

It has pages to put in class plans.

It has pages for recording grades, report cards that can be taken out, and attendance reports.

It has shopping lists, books to enjoy inspirational stories & notes.  It is just chockful of pages to fill out & use.  

And right now, they're having a sale!  For the next few days, all their planners are 30% off!!  Go on, take a look, browse around.  Click HERE and have fun!  Then come back here and share some thoughts!

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