Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pinterest semi-fail

You know how we all LOVE pinning those yummy looking recipes and great crafts on Pinterest?  And then when you try them out yourself they don't always work?  Well, we decided that we're going to be blogging all of our Pinterest successes and fails!  First up - caramel apple slices!

We love caramel apples.  So when we saw this picture on Pinterest, we decided to try to make these ourselves!

Looks yummy, right??  Since we were having a picnic today, we thought these would make the perfect dessert!  So, I pulled a container of my homemade caramel from the fridge so it would get soft.  

Next, I scooped the center from the apples and got a tasty bowl of apple bites for a snack last night!

Finally, I filled the apple halves with caramel, put them in the container, and set them in the fridge.  The idea was that they would set and I would slice them just before our picnic!

So far, so good!  Fast forward to just before lunch today.  I took the container out of the fridge and the apples & caramel were watery & brown.  They were also mushy and had a bitter taste to them.

I'm calling it a semi-fail because they were really good last night.  Word of warning though- DON'T MAKE THEM AHEAD!!

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