Monday, October 14, 2013

October sale

A+ is practically GIVING away their program!  For the month of October, if you use an affiliate link (like the one posted below the picture) you will get one month for $8 or a quarterly plan for only $20!!!  PLUS, as long as you keep renewing, that price WILL NOT GO UP!!  A+ is great for kids struggling with math concepts who need extra help.  It's awesome for homeschoolers.  Teachers even use it in their classrooms!!  So come on, jump on the A+Tutorsoft bandwagon and save, save, SAVE!!!

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A+ Affiliate Banner!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pinterest semi-fail

You know how we all LOVE pinning those yummy looking recipes and great crafts on Pinterest?  And then when you try them out yourself they don't always work?  Well, we decided that we're going to be blogging all of our Pinterest successes and fails!  First up - caramel apple slices!

We love caramel apples.  So when we saw this picture on Pinterest, we decided to try to make these ourselves!

Looks yummy, right??  Since we were having a picnic today, we thought these would make the perfect dessert!  So, I pulled a container of my homemade caramel from the fridge so it would get soft.  

Next, I scooped the center from the apples and got a tasty bowl of apple bites for a snack last night!

Finally, I filled the apple halves with caramel, put them in the container, and set them in the fridge.  The idea was that they would set and I would slice them just before our picnic!

So far, so good!  Fast forward to just before lunch today.  I took the container out of the fridge and the apples & caramel were watery & brown.  They were also mushy and had a bitter taste to them.

I'm calling it a semi-fail because they were really good last night.  Word of warning though- DON'T MAKE THEM AHEAD!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

They're having a SALE!

A Journey Through Learning is having a huge sale for the month of October!  ALL digital products (with the exception of GeoMatters Products) are 40% off!!  Click on the banner and use code HarvestSale to get the Autumn lapbook with Study Guide, normally $13.00, for only $7.80!  Have you finished Classical Conversations Cycle 1?  Take advantage of this great deal and get Cycle 2 for only $12 instead of $20!

 Need ideas for snow days? The Christmas Fun & Winter Express lapbooks (as well as all the other Express lapbooks) are only 60 cents!!

So, go check them out.  Introduce your child to a new subject.  Stock up for the holidays.  Maybe there's one you want to try out yourself!!  A 40% off sale is a great time to do it!!