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Well Planned Day Student Planner

I love my student planner.  It has helped me so much. I can keep track of all my school assignments.  It has a calendar so that I can keep track of my schedule.

 It has note pages to write notes to myself to remember things.  I can make notes about my favorite things that happen during the year.  It has a section in the back to help me remember what different parts of grammar mean and when to use different punctuations.  It tells me when to capitalize words.  It even has a list of words that are misspelled a lot to help me spell them right!

I like mine so much that I want to share it with someone else.  So, enter below and on Monday morning, September 16, 2013, I will announce the winner!  And if you should want to buy one anyway, just go HERE  (Mom put the links & pictures in for me)

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